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The iPhone: How does it Affect our Society?

Apr 1, 2013
by: Soumya
#gaming and new media

iTunes. FaceTime. Apps. Apple. You may find yourself thinking of another word associated with these words, one that may be the most obvious yet important: iPhone.

The creation of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, caused tremendous uproar in consumers and the market; thousands of people were lined up to get the next best phone that was soon to come. The iPhone, with its new and appealing extras, led it to be the most popular phone in the world in only a few years, with it’s customer population growing each day. With the explosion of this new device all over the globe, there is also a growing debate over whether the iPhone is beneficial to society, or if it is just tearing down our sense of connectedness and communication. I believe that with its basic features, apps, and its boosting of the economy, the iPhone has been primarily beneficial to society.
The iPhone, first introduced in June 29, 2007, was a surprising change from other smart phones. It had the usual camera, calling features, and texting features that most other phones have, but also took these facets to above and beyond. To start, the iPhone’s camera is extremely clear; according to Apple, it has 8 megapixels, which is just as good as many cameras that are sold. Another benefit of the iPhone’s camera is that it is equipped with two cameras: one on the front and one on the back, so taking pictures is never a hassle. This is beneficial for anyone who owns the iPhone because it diminishes the need to carry a camera around with you everywhere you go, saving space and money for the consumer. In addition, making calls on the iPhone is extremely efficient and easy; you can make a call while also accessing other apps and features at the same time. Another basic yet exquisite feature of the iPhone is its text messaging. The text messaging on the iPhone is extremely fast and color-codes the conversation to let you know who’s communicating what. Also, iMessage was created on the iPhone as a savior for those with limited data plans. This feature allows the user to send messages with Wifi rather than using up data for each text message. These features make the iPhone a positive addition in technology to society because the buyer is getting so much worth for their money. You are getting calling, texting, and camera features that make the phone so much easier to use and are better than most features offered by other smart phones.
The iPhone also comes with apps that make life so much more facile. Millions of apps are available for download at the iTunes store, and there is an app for everything you may ever need. The calculator app, the calendar app, the YouTube app, and the maps app are just some of the apps programmed onto the iPhone that facilitate using the phone and make it more praiseworthy. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a GPS system for each car you own; with the iPhone, you can carry a map around with you whenever you may need it (and navigation is also accessible at your fingertips). There is also no need to hurt your brain with huge calculations that can easily be typed into the calculator that comes pre-equipped with the iPhone. Another important app of the iPhone is the Internet app, or Safari. This amazing app carries the infinite amount of information that the Internet can inform you of in one small handheld device. There are millions of apps you can download that will benefit your lifestyle; with the iPhone, anything you may need to know may be accessed on this phone. John Dvorak of The Wall Street Journal implies that with the iPhone, there is no need to carry around a computer or spend thousands of dollars on a brand new one anymore; the iPhone does the job of a $1000 computer and more. All in all, the societal benefit of iPhone’s apps is that it combines your phone, your computer, and your GPS into one device, making the users life so much effortless; with the iPhone, life just got so much simpler.
Every since it has been released, the iPhone has also had a profound impact on society as a whole; more specifically, the economy. Kim Ryan of GigaOM states, “in the first quarter of 2007 [the year the iPhone was released], iPhone revenues hit 12.3 billion dollars”, causing shares of Apple on the stock market to skyrocket. In addition, Paul Krugman of The New York Times emphasized the up-to 1% increase in G.D.P. just from the iPhone alone. He believes that the source of this economic boost is because the iPhone stimulates spending in the buyers. So, with the drastic increase in G.D.P. with iPhone sales also comes with increased G.D.P. from other aspects of the economy, which augments the economy, adding to the infinite list of benefits of the iPhone.
So how do all these features benefit our society? The iPhone makes learning and carrying around everything we need simple and efficient. There is no longer a need to carry around a computer, a calculator, or a GPS because the iPhone can do everything we require from them. Also, some, such as Thomas Beller of The New Yorker magazine, argue that communication is faltering with the technology that the iPhone provides, but on the contrary, it is making communication easier. The iPhone helps us communicate to anyone and everyone around the world, whether it is through text or a phone call. Also, some people may say that life is slipping away because society is becoming too focused on technology, but the iPhone can help us capture those moments forever if we just know our limits. Recognizing when one’s use of technology has gone to far all depends on the person, not the technology; having the iPhone can help take pictures and document life as we go through it, also providing positives to the society because we can always carry our memories with us in our own devices.
With its easy to use features, apps, I believe that the iPhone has been primarily beneficial to society; it allows us to compress every technology we need into one small phone, and connects people around the world, while also helping the U.S with the economy. The iPhone overall benefits not only the individuals in the society, but the society as a whole. In my personal experience, my iPhone has helped me with everything I have ever needed and makes my day so much easier each time I use it. After using an iPhone, I know there’s no reason to every go back to any other phone because the iPhone offers everything and anything that is useful for me. There’s no wonder that the iPhone is one of the top phones around the world today; it’s the best phone for anyone who would ever need a phone.

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