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Predicting David Beckham’s future


By Leander Schaerlaeckens

Admission: Football Manager plays a pretty big part in how I form opinions on soccer players.

I’ve been playing the unfathomably detailed simulator since long before I discovered girls. And – thanks to an actual network of scouts rating many thousands of players around the world – it’s proved uncannily prescient. I knew about many a promising young player long before he surfaced in real life thanks to the game. And more often than not, how a young player developed within the game more or less corresponded to his career trajectory in reality. The clubs he went to and stats he put up weren’t exact, of course, but the sort of career he had was accurate an astonishing amount of the time.

So when Football Manager’s makers SI Games sent me a simulation of how David Beckham would do at the various clubs that are rumored to be interested in signing the free agent who recently departed the Los Angeles Galaxy, I actually took it more seriously than the idle speculation of pundits and such. As these last U.S. presidential elections showed us, our grasp of the numbers has outpaced our ability for cognitive predictions.

Here then, some highlights of the predictions made by SI Games:

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David Beckmann .! Future so truu..

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